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Ace Week

August 25th, 2020 Ace Week 2020: Our History

Ace Week 2020 is fast approaching! Scheduled for October 25th–31st, this Ace Week will mark the 10th anniversary of the first Asexual Awareness Week in 2010. In honor of this milestone and many others that are taking place within our community this year, the theme for Ace Week 2020 will be “Our History.”

Early ace communities were built almost entirely online. Over the past ten or so years, local communities have developed strong presences in many cities around the world. Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 crisis has prevented many people—not just ace communities—from being able to meet in person, putting into perspective just how important both online and in-person communities can be.  

We are excited to have you join us as we reflect on and celebrate the history of our identities, communities, and personal journeys. Through appreciating the hard work that got us where we are today as well as recognizing the shortcomings of our community in the past, we will be empowered to make an even bigger impact going into the future.

Over the next couple weeks, we will be releasing resources specific to planning Ace Week events while maintaining safe social distancing practices, as this year is likely to look very different from previous Ace Weeks. In the meantime, we encourage you to read about how you can get your local government to recognize Ace Week.


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