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Ace Week

October 27th, 2021 An Interview with Mik for Disabled Ace Day

In this series, we interview a variety of Disabled Aces with diverse backgrounds in honor of #DisabledAceDay and in conjunction with Ace Week.

Do you need more Black Disabled Agender Asexual content in your life? OBVIOUSLY you do! Luckily for you, Mikhayl AKA Mik (Ze/Zir and They/Them) has a variety of awesome things going on, and we were delighted to have this interview. 

Please introduce yourself! How do you identify in terms of asexuality, disability, passions, professions, or anything else you’d like to share with us? 

I am a Black Agender Ace individual with bipolar, diabetes, and chronic fatigue.  My passions include making music, streaming, gaming, pottery, and baking.  I’ve tried my hand at gardening, but I don’t possess a green thumb.  I love herbal teas and black coffee and I drink out of the cups I’ve made.

How do your asexual and disabled identities interact with one another and what unique challenges have you faced while living at this intersection? 

When seeking a diagnosis, my asexuality was always questioned.  When given new medication, my asexuality was always questioned.  MY therapist has always been understanding, but any psychiatrist looks at me sideways when I mention my lack of sexual attraction.

Have you personally experienced any ableism from within the asexual or other LGBTQ2IA+ communities?

Queer folx tend to be accepting of disabilities, so I’ve rarely dealt with it.  There are stigmas against personality disorders (which I was misdiagnosed with) but in most cases I’ve been accepted with open arms.


Have you personally experienced any acephobia from the disability community?

The normal acephobia I get, I get from everywhere.  Disabled, queer, or not.  I think there’s a big misunderstanding of what being ace means.

What advice do you have for folks who wish to become better allies to disabled aces?

First and foremost, ask aces.  Don’t project what /you/ might think a disabled ace thinks. 

Shameless self-promotion time! Do you have a business, project, artwork, or other content we should know about? Give us those links!

I am a potter and I’m working to create my own space.  It requires a lot of funds, but I’m working slowly but surely.  I make Ace themed potery as well  I will link my Kofi and my insta

A brown and beige pottery bowl on three legs.
Two round pottery items, both with a beige center bordered with a maroon ring. The right piece has a maroon heart in the center, and the left has a small character.
A brown glazed pottery bowl seen from the top down.
Three pottery bowls, each with different sections of color around their outsides. The bowls sit on a white table with a red plastic cup behind them.
The bottoms of three pottery bowls, each bowl is divided into four quadrants of color: purple, gray, white, and black.t The bowls sit on a white table with a red plastic cup behind them.
A round piece of pottery resembling a beige house with black doors and green trim. The pottery has a green lid.


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