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Ace Week

October 10th, 2020 Five states have formally recognized Ace Week!

The State of Colorado's Proclamation from 2020 that the final week in October is Asexual Awareness Week.

United States governors often “proclaim” celebrations and awareness weeks as a way of recognizing their importance to their citizens, and a growing number of states have begun proclaiming Ace Week!

In 2019, Washington state became the first government jurisdiction in the world to formally recognize Ace Week, thanks to the efforts of the Seattle Aces and Aros. This proclamation, led by grassroots activists, paved the way for other activists to seek the same recognition by their state governors during future Ace Weeks.

This year—the tenth anniversary of Ace Week—marks the first year our team asked the community to submit their own proclamation requests, and the leadership taken on by community members across the country has astounded us!

So far this year, the states of Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Oregon, and Washington have formally recognized Ace Week, and we hope to see more proclamations soon!

For details about how to submit a proclamation request of your own, check out our guide!


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